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There are various packages you can invest in for your transformation which are tailor-made to your needs and budget, which are outlined throughout your trial experience or in your initial consultation.

Before you invest you can come along to a free trial week with full support in and out of sessions.

If you would like to speak to us directly to find out more about the programme, if you would like to know how SPECIFICALLY this transformation will help you achieve your goals… get in touch by calling us by clicking ‘Tell Me More’ below or send us a message.

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Checkout some pictures below of our groups and what goes on in the sessions. It’s always best to join us live and experience this for yourself.

You will progress from where you are at, to the highest level you wish to attain. The beauty of this style of training is there are so many progressions and alternatives to test and shape your body, there’s literally an endless assortment of exercises to master, enjoy and have fun with.

The result is a body you build that shapes how your mind works and how you live your life. One step at a time.

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Why Callisthenics?

Variety, fun, engaging are just some of the words floating around a Callisthenics experience. The beauty of Callisthenics is you can do it for a lifetime, many clients 40+ and beyond say it helps them feel younger, they feel stronger, more mobile and develop a higher level of vibrancy.  Those who have weight trained in the past commonly say that this training has given them a new lease of life compared to using traditional weight training methods.

You see Callisthenics allows you to build strength, mobility, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness all in one. Each skill you develop requires more of the above, so you naturally get better over time through the nature of how you learn and develop. It’s not simply about grabbing the next weight up, it’s about refining your body movements and how you engage as well as activate your body through a variety of movements. If you enjoy sports and outdoor activities you’ll certainly notice your performance improve.

If yes, then that’s what you need to make the rocky road to a fit and healthy body with Callisthenics in Newcastle. However, you do need an expert to lead you through the way, and that’s when Sam Stocks Transformational Coaching comes in to the picture.
We are known for our diligence and dedication towards our clients and profession, and so we work with people that are committed to the process to each their goals.
From the day we started operating in Newcastle, we made a mark in the industry, establishing Sam Stocks Transformational Coaching as the premier choice for Callisthenics classes in Newcastle. Did we mention that you can take advantage of a full week free trial with us and make an informed decision upon trying us out? Call now!

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