If you have been dealing with pain, movement problems, or general uncertainty about how you should perform life activities, sporting activities, or general exercise at the back of your mind there is a general concern. The good news is you can move with confidence. Let’s take Kelly, for example, one of our clients, who loves yoga, was very concerned about an ongoing shoulder issue. She felt like she couldn’t put weight through it and she certainly couldn’t go into a handstand or similar activities putting pressure on the arms and the shoulder. It had previously dislocated five times. So yes, quite a concern. Luckily, I took Kelly through functional neurology assessment and muscle testing to find the true cause of the problem.


Through proper assessments and questioning about Kelly’s history, she told us she had a history of ankle sprains and knee injuries. And it turns out this was the cause of the shoulder dysfunction. Once we resolved the issues around the ankles and knees her shoulder muscles were actually supporting the upper arm and shoulder correctly.

This meant Kelly had the stability and support around her shoulder to hold herself correctly. Kelly has then gone on to perform many advanced bodyweight exercises with far more comfort and control. The reassurance that she has the capacity to do whatever is thrown at her. This is what exercising with confidence is about knowing your body can handle anything you throw at it.


For you, it could be picking your kids up without hurting your back. For others it could be about being able to play the sport they love, getting back to playing football, swimming at the pool, or playing with friends at the park.

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