Many people take for granted quality movement. Having assessed hundreds and maybe even thousands of people over the years I can tell you that most people do not move well especially if they don’t exercise by the help of a quality coach. Many people are unstable and often hold themselves using the incorrect muscles that would make things far easier. Unfortunately everyday life makes the body move and perform in a terrible way compared to how we have evolved and how we are supposed to work. Often holding onto many compensations that lead to muscle tightness, joint pain and dysfunction and lack of mobility. You may experience all of this is pain, tightness, niggles and general discomfort.

This may mean you cannot enjoy the activities you would love to do. The good news, you can move well, it’s about understanding your history and why you find yourself in the position you do, why do you have tightness when you do, why do certain muscles overwork and why do some muscles under work. The reason is disorganised information from the body perceived by the brain. You can move well.

Through functional neurology and muscle testing reconfigure out the cause of your problems. Once we have found the cause and the priority of the dysfunction we can correct it and restore proper function in the body and the brain.

This means you will move better and perform at a higher level. Throw in coaching through exercise and taking you through strength training and mobility work you can then take this to a higher level and optimise your performance further. Some people this is life changing. They go on to achieve great things. Some people they just want to get through everyday life like a normal person. Without pain and without discomfort. This too can be achieved in the same way. Simply allowing you to move well.

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