Most people who experience movement problems, whether that is in specific movements or in specific areas of the body, they ultimately want to move and feel better getting rid of pain and restore proper function. There is an increasing amount of clientele who simply come to see us to enhance their performance and movement capabilities. Often people lack flexibility, mobility in joints or general strength due to dysfunctions in the body caused by faulty movement patterns, past accidents, traumas or surgeries. Or simply from sporting or lifestyle activities.

Through muscle testing, and specific sequences of functional neurology testing we can figure out the cause of these issues, whether that be stability issues, joint dysfunctions or general strength and stability problems. Finding the root cause of the problem allows us to quickly enhance our patients’ movement, stability and therefore strength.

Meaning the activities our clients perform become better and if they are engaged in exercise they improve in strength, fitness and their general performance becomes far more efficient and effective. If you want to achieve far better results I encourage you to come down for an assessment to see where, how and why your body functions the way it does and how we can improve it.
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