Group Training in Newcastle

Our small group personal training in Newcastle is UNIQUE, as we focus as much outside of the gym on your health and fitness as we do in the gym. This whole rounded long term approach to your health and fitness is key.

Many want to see results fast, especially changes in their bodies. But what if this was the wrong approach. Focusing on the result rather than the process often ends up in people failing long term. Learning to love exercise, learning to eat in a way that has you thrive, learning to think differently around exercise, daily activities and more is a better outcome for you to focus on.

As achieving that will give you a life you can’t even imagine right now. One where you never have to worry about what to eat, or how you look or even how you feel.

Don’t get me wrong. You will have days where you don’t feel great. That’s part of life. More often than not though you will thrive.

At Sam Stocks Transformational Coaching in Newcastle. You will find a place where you can be yourself, alongside other ladies who are looking to thrive and achieve their best too.

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Small Group Personal Training Newcastle

Training in a small group of like-minded women can be a tipping point for ladies looking to transform. Moving you in a direction, to feeling great and building confidence in yourself and what you can achieve. Especially when it’s with Sam Stocks Transformational Coaching.

We offer a new experience coaching you online via-zoom so you can exercise in the comfort of your own home, whilst been coached by an expert keeping you safe and at your best along the way.

Nothing is missed and this allows you to see far greater progress and receive crucial feedback to enhance your experience and the results you achieve.

Not only this, the approach saves you time and gives you back an opportunity to achieve more. Giving time to focus on nutrition and mindset. That further improves the results you can achieve.

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Fitness Groups Newcastle

Giving yourself a 12-20 week commitment to push towards your goals can be life changing especially with a expert coach at your side every step of the way. The problem for many is a short term outlook when a long term approach is what is needed. Learn huge life lessons, and gain insight to a better way to aim for your goals.

Our fitness classes in Newcastle come to you, at your home, where you are joined online with other ladies who want to achieve the same as you. In a maximum group of 10 you will be educated and guided on how to move safely and effectively allowing you to achieve your very best when it comes to exercise.

Many doubt they can achieve their best, especially at home. When it comes to past experience. Look at how much time you could spend at the gym – say 3-5 hours a week. Where are you spending the rest of your time?

Usually 163 hours away from the gym. Well, we coach and help you with EVERYTHING 168 hours a week.

Consider this, if you are already doubting yourself despite knowing how it all works, open your mind. What if it all works… what would life be like, what would you no longer worry about, how strong can you be in body and mind? How much more energy can you have? How much confidence could you have and how HAPPY would you be?

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