Mobilise me is an online training experience focus on flexibility, mobility through a variety of specialised stretching and strengthening routines that are proven to work by the latest research. This shows a more effective approach to the common methods used in most gyms and fitness facilities. Mobilise me brings about the best strategies, to give you a focus and very effective routine that has you not only improve the flexibility of your muscles but improves the joints in your body to allow far more effective movement by strengthening you actual most weak areas which then leads to your body allowing you extra flexibility in your muscles because it no longer perceives your end range of movement as a threat.

This is why building strength alongside your flexibility in a flexibility routine is so important mobilise me brings a new meaning to stretching via a flow of movement similar to yoga but brings around the latest research that makes it far more effective and longer lasting that you can then take into your other activities you enjoy.
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Optimise Your Bodies Ability To Move

  • Open up and increase the rotational space for healthy joints
  • Increase flexibility that lasts so that you make the most of your time training
  • Build strength through the full length of your muscles increasing your resilience so you can take on any challenge
  • Feel more capable
  • Increase athletic performance by allowing the body to access more strength and power through a greater capacity to train
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