Pain Management

Pain, injury whatever is holding you back from feeling at your best is usually down to a problem of disorganised information received by the brain. By understanding what causes this dysfunctional information we can pinpoint the root cause of your pain and remove it. Quite often where you experience pain isn’t the root cause it’s a symptom of a greater problem. We often find that the solution lies in your history. That is why we get to understand you and your needs before your initial session. We encourage you to complete our client intake form which allows you to unlock what holds you back.

What can be the cause of the pain?

Some people will have a obvious cause such as a specific injury that has caused the pain. For others, problems can simply occur over time and appear out of the blue. The reality of the cause can seem impossible. Take for instance the picture here, a client with a scar on their left foot from an operation when they were a child was the cause of right hip and hamstring pain. By treating the scar, the hamstring and hip pain was removed and they could go back to exercise pain free. The treatment took less than two minutes, yet the discovery came through asking the right questions, taking a thorough history and assessing the clients strengths and weaknesses. Through Function Neuorology Assessments we found the Scar to be the root cause of the problem and corrected it.

Managing pain isn’t really the point. Removing it, then making the body more resilient is the aim of our treatment. To make you stronger, confident, and reassured that you can go back to activities and enjoy them without fear of reoccurrence.

What if I have so much pain I can’t be assessed?

Yes, this can certainly be the case for some traumatic and chronic injuries. The solution is either reducing inflammation and pain using Red Light Therapy, which is a pain-free treatment. The other solution is testing you through a surrogate which allows us to test your neurology through them and treat you accordingly.

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