If you are someone who exercises regularly or takes part in sports you will often find your muscles simply feel very tight and sore. Recently over the last few years, more and more people have got into the idea of using foam rolling, self-myofascial release to relieve this muscle tension and soreness.

Other things that can and do help this is certain types of flexibility and mobility training. Ultimately these can also lead to more stiffness and soreness in the working muscle. What you need is a better strategy. Sometimes you may simply overwork. Then of course you will be sore.

What you may need to resolve your problem areas is a better nutritional strategy, eating foods that help you recover faster and

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This is where a functional neurology assessment and treatment can work wonders. Helping you optimise your movements, increase your recovery, and ultimately feel and perform at your best.


You can then, as a result of this, use other modalities more effectively to recover faster. Muscle soreness and trigger points that you try to foam roll are there to protect you. The reason they are there to protect you is from a perceived threat. If we remove the perceived threat, you no longer need the trigger point there to protect the muscle. Once this is removed and your function reinstated you will feel and move far better.


To understand your body at a higher level, I encourage you to book a

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