Many people would love to be more flexible, that’s why exercise modalities like Pilates and yoga really take off and they have tremendous benefits. For some people, certain muscles just won’t get the right amount of flexibility in them due to other reasons other than simply lacking muscle length. Simply put they just won’t let go of tightness. The reason for this is that particular muscle no matter how much you stretch it will never get longer because your brain perceives that extra length as a threat. So, it holds on for dear life despite how much you stretch it.


Now, one way around this is strengthening the muscle that the current tight muscle, is trying to help out. For example, your inner thigh muscles can be locked tight, due to weak core muscles. And the reason for this isn’t necessarily that you have weak abs, for example, it could be that through your movements you simply can’t activate them correctly.


Through a functional neurology assessment, via muscle testing, we can figure out why this is the case, and remove the dysfunction causing that weakness and the tightness in the inner thighs. By removing the perceived threats, you can instantly gain flexibility in your tight muscles. For example, one of our clients experienced a thigh strain whilst at the gym. This movement meant they were lacking flexibility in their quads. The functional neurology treatment found a dysfunction in the quadriceps muscle, as well as a ligament issue around the knee. Resolving these two dysfunctions allowed the client to instantly gain back their previously held level of flexibility. The results are that rapid.

If you want to move better, feel better, and increase your flexibility, understanding your body and how it functions will go a long way. Functional neurology can unlock your true potential.

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