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Hey, what is life coaching? Well, more and more people are becoming overweight, tired, lacking energy and in turn motivation for anything but hiding away under the duvet seems to be lacking. The fact that you need a little bit of help from time to time and often the approach is to get specific help in one area for example getting help with exercise, your finances, your relationships.

From our clients perspective, they have seen big changes by focusing on habits that affect all areas of life. Often utilising a couple of daily habits focusing on all areas and specific areas to achieve a set outcome daily.

For example, when it comes to mindset having a daily journalling practise writing down what they appreciate and what they are grateful for. When it comes to finances actually tracking what they spend money on, and having a plan of where to save. Often the strategies can seem very simple. Often it’s the simple things done consistently that pay off big time and you are rewarded with dramatic life-changing results. Having a broader picture of your life and improving all aspects can have everything come together. Once this is achieved you can then focus on a specific aspect of that and see greater progress. Within this, you can focus on ONE area whilst covering the basics in all of the others.

The key is once you have a foundation set in all areas we can lift all areas up again by focusing on ONE BIG GOAL in an area, let’s call it the ‘Domino’ and that once achieved tips over impacting the other areas positively. For many it can be health… to boost energy levels and general vitality so you have the energy and capacity to achieve more across the other areas.

Your goals matter and the approach from the start is important to consider. Let’s discuss where you are at and paint a picture of what you can achieve over the coming months and year.

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