Our living optimally workshop includes all the tools and tactics we use to help our clients live optimally. From how to exercise, what to eat, how to improve sleep, morning routines, daytime rituals, nighttime routines and tactics to get more done. We teach all of this throughout our live workshops to give you the best and most efficient routines to follow. Our workshop attendees come away with specific strategies to implement the day they return home.

They will have a specific exercise routine to follow throughout the week, that is effective, for their goals, their lifestyle and their current needs, they will also know the food to eat to help optimise their function, recover effectively and sleep well. They will have a specific sleep routine that works for them, followed by a morning routine that gets them ready and clear for the day. They will have learnt how to organise their day, their week and their month to create more time to fit in everything they would like to do to live optimally.

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