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Transform your body into something extraordinary with Sam Stocks Transformational Coaching. Our private personal training services will help you achieve a fitter body in no time.

Let me share a story, one of our recent clients Lucy had been searching for the best personal trainer in Newcastle who understands fitness and female body transformation. She also wanted to follow the advice of someone who uses safe methods and techniques to give her body the shape she wished for that was also sustainable. Lucy discovered in our first conversation that I had a deep knowledge base using many skills to help clients perform at their best, using Functional Neurology and movement expertise to help improve any clients ability to move and perform tasks correctly.

Lucy received a custom diet plan that was more about habits and eating correctly designed to allow more energy and better performance when working out.  She also had designed a unique workout programme to follow after her initial assessment. The PT in Newcastle is based in person or also available online.

Finding inspiration to get started will never be an issue. A quick look through our website will help you understand how we transform our clients from fat to fit, thanks to our customised personal training in Newcastle. Feel free to take a peek and book your consultation with us right away.

Small Group Personal Training Newcastle

To get the best from yourself, training in a group works wonders. The group can drive and push you further than you can on your own, with Sam Stocks Transformational Coaching you also get the accountability, guidance, help and support to keep at it and learn from the best. Sam Stocks Transformational Coaching has been helping Newcastle ladies transform their bodies and minds for more than 12 years with great success.

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Athletic Development – Kids Personal Training – Teen Athletic Development

A growing child or teenager has many demands and needs. On top of this to have them moving at a high athletic level takes on way more challenges. With this in mind a foundation and understanding of where a child is, is paramount to their success now and in the future.

Great ability won’t cut it. Developing a broad base of fundamental movements is key, being agile, fast, flexible, mobile and strong will help them develop into strong young athletes that can go on to a long and successful career if they so wish.

A huge mistake for many parents is sending their kids to any old coach. Often where they obessess over the One Sport or the One Activity. Walk away. I usualy deal with patients as adults who looked like they would have a bright future in their chosen sport only to be sidelined by a career ending injury. Furture proof your kids.

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