Movement Therapy and Rehabilitation To Optimum Performance

Niggles, pains, general tightness, whether this affects your everyday movement or more specifically certain activities this doesn’t have to be your story for very long. The main reason for these problems is bad information the brain is receiving from certain parts of your body. Every problem usually has a minimum of two parts. Both parts need correcting to be sorted. This is why many other modalities that deal with pain and rehab are short term solutions. We use a combination of Functional Neurology Therapy mixed with corrective exercise to get you back, moving pain free and at your best.


Whether you are looking to then build strength or flexibility to avoid future problems, we can support you every step of the way.


Has an injury or accident left you in pain and you struggle to move like you once did? You are not alone. It affects many of us, the good news, there are solutions to get you at your best. For many, a functional neurology assessment can Identify problem areas of the body, then repair these so you move and feel at your best. More importantly it can help you understand why you experience what you do and how to change this so you feel at your best and remove concern of future occurence.

Take a simple muscle strain. Often this muscle will tighten and have knots in it. Which can be painful and tender. Common solutions are massage or laser therapy. Unfortunately, this alone won’t help and the tightness will return. There is another problem in the body that caused the strain in the first place. Once this is addressed, assessed and restored to correct function you can then rid yourself of that tightness forever.

Then we would work on strengthening the area and your body as a whole to make you more resilient to the activities in your life. Sam Stocks Transformational Coaching in Newcastle has been helping an assortment of clients return to their best and beyond for over 12 years.

The experience and skills gained from these years of coaching and therapy go along way to quickly get to the root cause of your problems and quickly return you to your best.

To book in an assessment session or full therapy session. Contact us using the details at the top of the page.

Muscular and Movement Therapy

How well do you move? How does your body feel? At Sam Stocks Transformational Coaching we aim to optimise our clients’ movements so you feel at your very best. We optimise muscle and joint function, as well as how you control your body, so that daily life is easier, you have more energy and generally feel better.

Our muscular therapy sessions in Newcastle have created a new optimism in clients who had previously suffered with recurrent problems in their bodies. By restoring correct function and removing physical limitations they now perform and feel at their best. To experience a huge change from even one session, book in now to discover the possibilities. Simply head to the top of the page and you can call or email us to find out what we can do for you specifically.

Krystina D

I was always one of those people who practically spent her life in a gym or being active. But after two bad pregnancies I was diagnosed with kidney disease. After spending years on medications my weight skyrocketed, I felt constantly tired, stressed and had little or no time

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Vicky D

Before I started the PT sessions I would go to the gym 3 maybe 4 times a week. I would generally do classes at the gym or if in the gym I tried to make up my own routines but didn't really know what I was doing. I did this for near enough a year and although it kept weight off

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Kate B

Before training... I woke up one morning and realised I had reached the wrong side of 45, and although my mind refused (and still refuses) to believe that I was middle aged, my body disagreed - I had lost tone, flexibility and was definitely starting to sag in all the wrong places.

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