We help many clients who experience injuries, whether that’s from sports, problems experienced at the gym, or from everyday movements. Depending on the cause of the injury, niggle or pain, you may need extra healing time for the muscle tissue or area to heal correctly. Whilst this is occurring we may still be able to help your body function correctly and deal with it at a higher level so you can manage any symptoms or discomfort.

Most injuries heal within 6 to 12 weeks, after this, you may still have dysfunctions in the body, i.e. certain muscles not moving correctly or some level of joint immobility that can cause pain or just a feeling of discomfort. This is because of disorganised information received from the body by the brain.

This is where a functional neurology assessment and treatment can help you recover and get back to the activities you enjoy. Once we have diagnosed the cause of the problem, treatment actually takes just a few seconds. However, the process to get there may take time. There may be multiple dysfunctions in one particular area. It is my job to figure out your priorities and what you need specific help with. All of this can be explained in either an initial consultation session or a full treatment.
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