Quite often when we are dealing with pain, especially if it has been around for a long time, we can accept this is “our” normal and just something we have to put up with. But this is not the case.


The reason most people experience pain is through previous injury, traumas, scars from operations or injuries, sprains, knocks to the body, and many other reasons. And the reason pain can still be there is not through damage but through the perception of damage that the brain still perceives.


Think about it like this. Your body should be telling the brain 12345.

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Through a specific treatment, we can figure out why and where you have a dysfunction, and reset the disorganised information so that the brain perceives this properly. This reset. Restores the correct function of your body so it moves correctly.


For some people, you can see a profound difference and remove the dysfunction and pain within one session. However, because of the nature of your movements, your lifestyle, and your daily actions, some dysfunctions may take more time to unravel. This means you may need a number of treatments. Purely because a number of dysfunctions have been created throughout your life.


Think of this as a hierarchy of dysfunctions, for example, a deck of

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