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In-person coaching is our higher-level coaching package, usually utilised in a one-to-one setting, although, small group training is also available. This is something I can discuss when we talk about the goals you would like to achieve when you would like to achieve them by, and the time available you have to commit to the process.


In-person coaching gives you the ultimate access to me as your coach. I provide you with everything you need, to achieve your goals, including the live coaching of exercises, backup coaching sessions involving video tutorials, feedback on your movements including how you move, what you need to change to improve; increasing the progress you make.

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Whether you are looking to lose body fat, build muscle, drop to a particular clothing size or simply improve your performance. I will design the action steps you need to take to get the best from yourself, and your daily habits.


Most live in-person sessions are 45 minutes in length. As this appears to be the best and most efficient timeframe to deliver to you everything you need without the fluff. Maximising your time. We take this further into other things you can do each day to get the best

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