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Checkout a short summary of each service on offer below. If you wish to find out more information, please click on the pictures above for more information, as well as the ability to book in for a session/service of your choosing.


In my humble opinion, this is the best form of training to achieve more from your body than you could ever possibly believe. As well as being humbling its the most satisfying form of training you could do. Why? Well, you will instantly feel a difference in the way you engage with the exercise compared to anything you have tried before with weights or otherwise and it will ALWAYS leave a smile on your face. You have to earn your exercise, which requires a combination of strength, mobility and flexibility. This form of training leaves nothing behind, and covers everything you could possibly need to transform your body and mind. You have access to 1-2-1 coaching or small group training to develop in this area. You will receive coaching either live in sessions at the gym or online coaching is available. Click the picture above "Calisthenics" for further details.


Our small group training is UNIQUE, as we focus as much outside of the gym on your health and fitness as we do in the gym. This whole rounded long term approach to your health and fitness is key. We only accept clients who are committed to a 6 month or longer transformation. Research proves time and time again that these 4 to 8 week transformations fail. Where as 6 months allows a great coach to help you build the lifestyle skills and habits to allow your transformation to last. This forges a strong mental strength to continue achieving more from yourself across all areas of life. Once you experience what this is like, you will want a piece of it. With that in mind you can come along for a 1 week trial experience to see what its all about . Click the picture above "Group Transformation" for further details.


Neurokinetic Therapy is unique in its approach to allowing you to move at your best, by figuring out through muscle testing, movement screening, breathing assessments and more, why you move the way you do, where your strengths and weaknesses are, and how to have you move efficiently. If you have pain or discomfort, NKT is unique in its ability to find the root cause of the issue, which is often, not where you would think. This unlocks the potential of your body, to find out more click the picture above "Neurokinetic Therapy" for further details.


With 95,000-120,000 thoughts running through your head every day, you can see why most people, maybe you, are overwhelmed, stressed and not reaching your full capability. The reason for this is some kind of block in your subconscious that comes from past experience. Many clients often would start off saying their behaviours are a result of "its just the way I am" or "I've always been like this", which is not true. There are 4 different human tendencies and over 22 ways you can ingrain habits into your lifestyle to achieve success. Figuring out what your learning style is, what your habit style is, what your self-sabotaging habits are, what your goals are, what your values are...all play a part in coaching sessions.

Initially the first session involves figuring out, the WHY behind what you want for yourself. To find out more about life coaching and our talking therapies please click the picture above "Transform Your Life" as that is exactly what we can do together through our unique approach.

Below you can see what happens when you commit to change, these clients achieved more than just a body transformation. If you are interested in seeing whats possible for you, then come along for a Complimentary Session at our Tyne Tunnel Trading Estate based gym, where you can explore the various options available to you. There are other opportunities for coaching too. You can click on the options above to find out more. Remember...Re-Define Your Possible!

Personal Trainer Newcastle Upon Tyne

Transform your body into something extraordinary with Sam Stocks Transformational Coaching. Our private personal training services will help you achieve a fitter body in no time.

We are headed by the best personal trainer in Newcastle who understands fitness and uses safe methods and techniques to give your body the shape you wish for. Sam has a deep knowledge base using many skills to help clients perform at their best, using Functional Neurology to help improve clients ability move and perform tasks correctly.

From a detailed custom diet plan to a carefully curated workout program, our PT in Newcastle will guide you throughout your journey. Finding inspiration to get started will never be an issue. A quick look through our website will help you understand how we transform our clients from fat to fit, thanks to our customised personal training in Newcastle. Feel free to take a peek and book your consultation with us right away.

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