Why a long-term outlook is so important, is everyone wants to achieve something super fast, for example getting rich in 90 days, unless you get the winning lottery ticket to become rich in that amount of time it is highly unlikely. Whereas if you give it nine years to follow the right strategies you are far more likely to achieve the things you set out.

The long-term approach allows you to give the habits and behaviours you need to follow and the strategies a chance to work, without relying on quick fixes that tend to only give temporary results and long-term pain if this is your only approach to focus on.

The long-term approach allows you to think differently and set your expectations in a way that doesn’t cause you to give up. Often people expect to achieve lots in a short space of time yet forget what they can achieve in a year.

This is so true when it comes to weight loss, people try the quick fixes to lose 12 lbs in a month yet forget that if you lose 1 pound a week you can be 52 pounds lighter in the year.

The reality is the quick fix methods that would have you lose 20 pounds in six weeks, usually mean you also give up after eight weeks because the strategies are too strict and often considering everyday life are two extreme to keep going for any real length of time. Yet the long-term outlook, and the long-term approach is far more enjoyable and far more fun which means you are highly likely to keep it going and actually achieve the result you want.

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