You want to lose weight, fantastic. Out of hundreds of women, it is likely that 99% will always be on this journey to lose weight. They will succeed short-term, and then in all likelihood go back to square one. I do not want this for you.


The reality, focusing on losing weight is the wrong thing. Why? Well, once many achieve that goal. They stop. Whereas, there is a better approach. Yes, more than anything you likely want to feel better, have more confidence, have more energy so that you can do the things that you enjoy. Focusing on those things will likely lead to long-term change. This is what you want, am I correct?

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Why Choose Sam Stocks for Fitness Classes?

Have you considered why you want to change? If yes, great, with that change, why is that important to you?

These are just a few questions that when we dig deeper we get to the real reason you want to lose weight in the first place. These can be the real drivers of your change.

This too will give you the motivation you need to take the actions which will deliver the results you want. What’s important for many women to appreciate is that all of this does take time.

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But this doesn’t mean that you won’t see results quickly.

It’s just understanding your expectations around what you should achieve. Because the reality is people can lose weight very quickly, but often, the tactics used are excessive and not realistic to the majority of people out there.

This is why you see many people who do this often go back to their “normal”, back to their old ways, with a little bit of exercise and a little bit of healthy eating they ultimately gain all that weight back.

This whole starting, and stopping, seeing mixed results is ultimately very disheartening and frustrating. Many people just give up.

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Where does all of this come from?

Well you see I have been coaching women like you for over 12 years, I’ve seen what works and have seen what doesn’t work. I’ve learnt a ton of lessons and within this created a program that delivers results that last for life, ingraining habits and behaviours that have stood the test of time. That work for you on your best day, but more importantly, on your worst day. So no matter the circumstances you can always be working towards your goals.

Now. Understanding all of the above allows you to be in a mental space to consider what is best for you now.

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The Create Freedom Method Transformation gives you everything you need to keep moving forwards. You simply cannot fail, you take part, you do the work, you provide weekly feedback and as a result of that – you get the support you need, you are taken by the hand, so that exercise becomes simple, you know exactly what to do, and if there is any doubts or concerns you are instantly supported and reassured that you are doing the correct thing and advised how to make that happen.

This process is certainly life-changing, and you simply have to get started, get involved and be part of our amazing group of women who are all striving to be the best versions of themselves

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Join our Weight Loss Classes to Achieve your Targeted Weight

Weight Loss can be a sensitive topic. Weight loss is something we all aim for, whether it’s for fitness benefits or overall well-being. The weight loss industry is huge, but incorrect weight loss without direction can lead to loss of muscle density.

The right mindset for weight loss or “fat loss” is essential. There is so much science behind fad diets; instead, eat what is good and healthy and couple it with a good exercise routine. If we tell you the route is going to be easy. We’d be lying!

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Sam Stocks: Newcastle Expert Weight Loss Trainer

Fitness is a fantastic and inspiring way of life that everyone should adapt to. I believe in exploring the enjoyable side of exercise, and although there might be a sore muscle or two along the way, you can progress to a better form of yourself through inspiration and advice. Working with many people in training sessions has helped me improve my training regimen, and so I custom make regimes suiting new clients.

If you want a trainer that doesn’t bore you with mundane gym routines, Sam Stocks Transformational Coaching is here for you.

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Any fad diet that tells you that you can drop 20 pounds in a week is most likely to be false. Your goal should be to lose weight in a controlled setting by eating healthy according to your calorie requirement and exercising to cut down fat.

The first step is to limit the intake of sugar, carbs, all junk foods and alcohol. Eat protein-rich food, exercise regularly. It is not just possible to target only the fats stored in your tummy. Target fat loss, and you will ultimately get rid of tummy fat. Ultimately though carbohydrates aren’t the enemy, no food type is, it’s more about the amounts. Learning what amount is right for you, and learning how to control your eating habits, to bring about change is the key to successful fat loss overtime.

There are various approaches and if you need it to happen FAST, to create a deeper desire for change, I can help you with that, as the most important thing is, what happens afterwards. You need a sustainable approach, not a quick fix. And I can help with that.

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