The majority of clients come to us wanting to achieve great things whether that’s to transform their bodies, to improve confidence, to feel fitter, stronger and optimise their performance in general. What many don’t realise is often the reason they find themselves in a situation where they want change is down to the bad habits they currently follow.

So what do we do from here?

We instil good habits in place of the bad ones. If we just remove bad ones you feel like you are missing something and often this is why many people go back to their old ways, the old habits and therefore go back to their old states. Most people want to change because they want to change their state, they want to change the way they feel, they often want to feel better, have more energy and feel more confident.

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By recognising this is a long-term approach you do things with a long term perspective i.e. it’s not about training ridiculously hard, it should be something you enjoy doing and you’re likely to keep doing, otherwise, what’s the point? If you’re dreading it and you’re waiting for it to be over, it is not something you are going to do for life.

This is why if you become one of our transformation clients, we ask you specific questions, that lead us to understand you but also for you to understand yourself at a deeper level. So that when we design your programs your input means that you are likely to follow through with everything we give you along with the support guidance and accountability we provide.

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