Pain Therapy In Newcastle: Removing Pain And Optimsing Your Body

Get Back To Your Best

If you are someone currently in pain or looking to optimise your movements you are in the right place. This will bring better performance in everday activites or your chosen sport. I can help you. How? Your brain is in control of everything and pain is often rooted here. Knowing this. It makes sense to resolve the problem at source for lasting change. I do this through assessing different parts of your brain. Making sure they allow you to perform every day movements optimally and safely

There's Certainly Light At the End Of This Tunnel

The region of the brain that needs rehabilitation will require a specific protocol to follow. When this is optimised, everything else that follows will be far more effective. Our clinic in Newcastle has everything you need to be assessed fully. You can feel confident that you will have a path to follow that is rewarding and leads to hope, "finally you have found somewhere that can help".

You will get to be Unrestricted and you will FEEL GREAT

In addition to brain assessment and rehab I use a Functional Neurology form of assessment and treatment that finds faulty information and corrects it. The faulty information from the body that passes to the brain causing pain and problems is found and reset. This allows you to move well and perform at your best. Unrestricted and feeling GREAT!

Our Pain Therapy Newcastle clinic is based in Shiremoor and easily accessible via car, public transport like the Metro or by walking. The biggest thing for you now is, ask yourself, how great will it be when you can finally get back to the life and activites you enjoy? 

The whole process is designed to help you do just that. So what is your current pain or movement challenge preventing you from doing? How soon would you like to get back to what you love...fully optimised? Book in your FREE trial session to see how these assessments and treatments can help you.

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