Am I doing it correctly? Is a common question when it comes to people who exercise when they meet an exercise professional. The thing is, this isn’t a simple question with a simple answer. Although that may appear to be the case. You see, from the outside, an exercise may look easy and simple to perform however there is a big difference between how something looks compared to how it feels and the results it gets.

There are additional questions that need to be asked. For example, let’s take a press up where do you feel this exercise working when you perform it? Is it the chest, is it your shoulders, your triceps, is it your abs, is it all of those muscles?

The thing is, the press-up is a full-body exercise, and you should aim to squeeze as many muscles as possible. Through coaching, you can learn how to make this exercise far more effective. Once you achieve this with the basic press up, you can try more advanced skills of a press up, for example, an archer press up, which builds on side-to-side straight arm strength, where you will have far more bicep and forearm recruitment compared to the traditional press up. What does all of this mean?

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