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So, you are looking for a Personal Trainer in Whitley Bay?

Finding the right personal trainer is an important task when you’re looking to transform your life. And your focus may be on getting fitter, losing weight, and gaining strength and muscle along with a huge list of other goals.


One of our clients Kelly who’s a stone’s throw from Spanish City was sharing how she loves walking along the beach and having the energy to do that.


2 years ago, and 4 stone overweight, Kelly struggled with everyday tasks. One morning really struggling to gain a breath walking down to the seafront, she contacted me frustrated with how life had turned out. She was angry that she’d let things slip. Her mindset was all over the place.


On the phone, I reassured her that her experience was surprisingly common where you have no idea where to start. The good news I told her, is she’s a step ahead of most. She’d already taken the first step by contacting me.


I shared that the first port of call would be really simple taking it step by step to bring health to the body. Focusing on two things. Eating a bigger variety of foods than the ones she currently ate, and moving more.


Then as Kelly could do more, I added more, and within a few months she had built a solid routine. Her morning routine now involved a morning walk, with our energiser routine at the end of it. This fired her up for the day, and she knew exactly what to do and when.


This clarity in what to do made life so much easier for her. This was hugely important for Kelly as this process of knowing exactly what to do and when gave her CONFIDENCE. That was the most important thing for her. Confidence to do what she loved.


So being reminded of her journey and appreciating the life she now has was great.



What is important to you?


Often, I see people ask their friends…” who would you recommend?” And they’ll only be able to offer advice from their personal experience. What you don’t know, you don’t know.

Kelly actually found out more about me via a Facebook ad. Promoting one of my transformations. After speaking with Kelly, we decided a group approach wasn’t best for her, where 1-2-1 would be more appropriate.


A wealth of experience helping people in North Shields


I’ve been helping clients achieve their goals for more than 15 years now, and with that wealth of experience can help you achieve your goals.


What options do you have available?


Whether that is 1-2-1 at my private gym, or via a small group training experience where everything is tailored to you.


For Kelly, she had 1 training session a week with me, then daily coaching around habit implementation and behaviour change.


This involved coaching calls, supportive texts, and gentle reminders of what to do and when.


This allowed Kelly to make progress and the right pace for her, again achieving so much in a matter of months, and over her total time with us so far, it’s been life-changing.


I would love to help you achieve the same.


There’s a wealth of information on my website here for you to explore, so please use the tabs above to look at what interests you most.



What you can do next…


Then I would recommend getting in touch using the “Contact Us” tab just like Julie did to the side here and I can get in touch to help you uncover what you really want to achieve.


I will help you with the best way to go about that, help you overcome any challenges or concerns with the process, and if all is good, I will recommend a way forward for you with one of our programmes.

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