When clients initially come to me for advice on how to change shape, help to improve performance, or how to lose weight, whatever it maybe they want to learn more about food. Ultimately what we eat can affect our health, our performance, our weight, our energy levels, sleep, literally everything is affected by our food therefore what we eat needs to be understood.

Everyday life can make this more of a challenge because our daily stresses and our lifestyles, could mean that despite our best intentions we eat what’s available, sometimes we need very quick meals, which means we may go for takeaway food, convenience food, of which the majority is processed.

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Clearly, there is far more to this, and this is why education, learning about yourself, learning around your own food habits and behaviours is so important. You are unique, your habits are unique but the solutions are very similar for most people. Like anything, there is a system that can work for you, it’s just finding which system you need to follow.

Through interviewing you, asking you questions around your lifestyle, your work, your food habits, we can figure out a plan of action that works for you. So you continue to eat the foods you enjoy just in a healthier way. We can work out a plan of action that you can achieve all of your goals, by improving your understanding of how everything works. Which then leads you to take actions, in line with the results you want to achieve.

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