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Good things are bound to happen when constant efforts are made to achieve the almost impossible. That’s precisely how we succeed at Sam Stocks Transformational Coaching. Determination and the hunger to bring a change is key in our processes which you will get to witness in our one-week trial experience as well. Yes, you got that right! At Sam Stocks Transformational Coaching, we give all our prospects a fair chance to make the right decision with our free one-week trial. Not just inside the gym, but we fully support your growth outside the gym as well in this one week.

What do you get with our personal training in North Shields?

With Sam Stocks Transformational Coaching by your side, you have a chance to take back the reign of your health and fitness in your hands and train with renowned experts for guaranteed results. Our various fitness programs are meant to help you turn your life around by introducing healthy eating and workouts into your life.

We understand that every person and body is different, and so we encourage all our clients to have a detailed chat for personal training in North Shields with us where we will address their pain areas and suggest the most fitting program to meet their needs.

Why Choose Sam Stocks Coaching?

Whether you are a working woman who believes that a slimmer body can enhance her confidence for greater accomplishments or a home-maker who has no time for herself at her disposal, let Sam Stocks Transformational Coaching find the fit for you.

While we excel at one-on-one training, we highly recommend you to join our small fitness groups as you will never run out on support and motivation.

Our callisthenics program has been fruitful for a number of our clients who wanted to try something new and different from their general workout routine while being assured that the results will be better than their expectations. Bodyweight exercise, weights and other fun activities are integral aspects of this program where your flexibility, mobility and strength are significantly enhanced.

The Neurokinetic Therapy offered is another form of giving back to your body by unveiling its hidden energy and optimising it to perform well in all aspects of your daily life. With various assessments, we get to the root of your discomfort or pain, if any, and also help you recover from previous physical traumas efficiently.

To book your consultation call for personal training in North Shields with us at Sam Stocks Transformational Coaching, give us a call today!

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