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So, you are looking for a Personal Trainer in North Shields?


Finding the right personal trainer, is an important task when you’re looking to transform your life. And your focus may be on getting fitter, losing weight, and gaining strength and muscle along with a huge list of other goals. I’ll share a story from Julie who contacted me in December looking for a change, especially when it came to shape, energy and lifestyle.


What is important to you?


Often, I see people ask their friends…” who would you recommend?” And they’ll only be able to offer advice from their personal experience. What you don’t know, you don’t know.


So, Julie contacted me by googling personal trainers and came to find me as your local expert. How nice.


Within 15 minutes of having a conversation about her goals, her struggles, and how I helped women just like her achieve fantastic results, she was ready to get started.


A wealth of experience helping people in North Shields


I’ve been helping clients achieve their goals for more than 15 years now, and with that wealth of experience can help you achieve your goals.


For Julie, she lost a stone in her first month, I helped her re-establish a solid sustainable diet by helping her rid the body of symptoms of bloating and digestion problems. By eating foods that promote health and energy Julie began to feel alive, with loads more energy that she could take into her training routines with me.



What options do you have available?


Whether that is 1-2-1 at my private gym, or via a small group training experience where everything is tailored to you.


Julie chose to go for two sessions a week at my private gym. I remember the first session to help her understand a certain bodyweight exercise I filmed her performing it, so she could see what her body was doing compared to what she thought.


The difference was huge, looking back now though, it’s the shape change, she looks 10 years younger, fitter, stronger, and full of vitality.


I would love to help you achieve the same.


Julie is now 3 stone lighter and feeling great, celebrating that with a recent shopping spree to reward the hard work completed so far.


There’s a wealth of information on my website here for you to explore, so please use the tabs above to look at what interests you most.



What you can do next…


Then I would recommend getting in touch using the “Contact Us” tab just like Julie did to the side here and I can get in touch to help you uncover what you really want to achieve.


I will help you with the best way to go about that, help you overcome any challenges or concerns with the process, and if all is good, I will recommend a way forward for you with one of our programmes.

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Yes, a personal trainer is immensely valuable. The value lies in their experience. You may be scared of doing a pushup, but a personal trainer will work step by step from a wall push up to a knee push-up and finally towards the end goal. This is so because a personal trainer gives you one-on-one training and specifically designs a program that will work for your body. There are different types of body types, and each requires different kinds of exercise. Hiring a personal trainer will help you reach your goals faster. They even help you with nutrition and diet plans which are necessary to get the desired outcome.

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