Sounds fantastic, right? Building a great body. But what does building a great body mean? This is very similar to our page on building a confident body, and again what does a confident body look like? Well, they both are capable of many things, adaptable to situations, can perform many movements, which means you are likely to have more energy, feel better, sleep better, and be more resilient to everyday life situations.
This means you are likely to look and feel better. Let’s face it, most people want to look good naked, building a great body definitely can achieve this.
But that’s talking more about the outside of the body, and generally how it works. On top of this, we want to know that you work well on the inside, you want to know that you work well on the inside. And this is where your general daily behaviours have a massive impact including what you eat, and how you eat it.

When I talk about building a great body, it should also be able to digest and absorb an assortment of different foods. Which make you feel good, gives you enjoyment and satisfaction as well as allows you to maintain a physique that you’ve built, whatever that is for you which makes you feel good and confident.
On top of this, it’s about building a strong mindset. So that even on your worst day, your busiest day, you can still do the basics and maintain what you have built. So that on your good days and your best days you can continue to build and improve.

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