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Our group coaching involves the majority of the benefits of one-to-one coaching in a group format of up to 10 people. Meaning that everyone involved gets the attention they need to exercise in a safe and confident manner that leads to them improving their performance, changing their bodies, and achieving their goals.


You will follow a variety of different exercises, keeping the workouts fun, and progressive, which you will love and which will also give you excellent results.

Group coaching involves nutrition coaching as this will lead you to perform better with your workouts, giving you energy throughout the day so that you perform your best whether that’s at work or whatever you choose to do with your day. Clearly, that doesn’t happen straight away. As you progress through our process you will continually see improvements in yourself and how you feel.


You get access to resources and tools that have the answers to your questions. Then you have access to me to answer any questions you have if you are ever unsure of anything. It’s quite common for people to come across obstacles in the way of their progress, that is just the way of life, we attack these things before they appear by asking you better questions. So you already have answers available to overcome anything that can potentially get in your way.


Our group coaching can be a cost-effective way to get the best training at a more affordable price compared to 1-2-1. If the one-to-one coaching option isn’t suitable for you this is the best way forward. If you have the budget to allow one-to-one coaching it is certainly worth the investment and is a worthwhile experience even if a temporary way to get you higher up the progress ladder to then start group training at a later date.



Ready To Join Our Transformation Group Coaching?

Our transformation brings a whole new experience to you to achieve excellent results. How do we do this? Helping your mindset and outlook on transformation, helping you clarify exactly what you want to achieve and why. Teaming you up with other members of our awesome community and helping you see the path forward. Knowing where to go next, how to get there and exactly what to do each day.


Feeling stuck?

Either I or one of the community members will help you navigate any stumbling blocks. Someone will have been where you find yourself. And more importantly, will have overcome the challenge, so can guide you in doing the same. Even if that’s knowing why you should START the process. Once all this is clear, you simply follow the process, starting with the first step, moving to the next, and so on. Ready to get clear and achieve something special? Remember, right now, you do not need all the answers, that is what I am here for. Let’s start with a conversation… Book in a call with me today.


Having a goal to achieve is the easy part. Achieving it is another matter. That’s how having a coach and a group to guide you can make a real difference. Clarity matters. Once everything is clear. This happens for our clients on their first call with us. You make further progress on this in your first month by following your foundations’ programme that builds the basics in your exercise, nutrition, and daily life habits.


Following a lifestyle approach to transformation rather than an exercise and nutrition approach gives you EVERYTHING that matters. The key. Bringing these to your awareness so you know what to change and why. Our transformation covers everything in a logical step-by-step process, starting with exercise and building from there. Get in touch today so I can help you.



Any female aged 35-55 is welcome to join our group fitness classes. It doesn’t matter in which phase of your fitness journey you are.

Group fitness classes bring the fun element to a workout. Motivation to wake up and go to the gym is a determining factor, and group fitness classes are enjoyable and stress-relieving. You will be motivated to work and grind due to the like-minded people in your group pushing each other towards a shared goal.

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