Our how it all works workshop brings together the best of our personal training, nutrition coaching and mindset coaching together in a day experience. Where you will learn the tools, tactics and strategies we use to bring about the best for our clients.

What you learn with us during this experience you can then take on to utilise yourself and move forwards on your own, though often, many of our workshop attendees become our clients jumping into our group training and one-to-one coaching experiences.

Why is this the case? Because we support you and offer rock-solid accountability – allowing you to achieve what you set out to do in the workshop, and develop on the skills you learn, and the tools you begin to appreciate, you simply want more of it.

Learn how to keep going when you just don’t feel like it, building an exercise habit that lasts a lifetime, learn how to move more effectively so you can keep up with the kids and other family members.

Learn the food strategies, learn how to eat better, learn how to prepare food in advance, learn how to eat on the go, learn that it’s not about following a specific meal plan, that is designed by somebody else, unless you are being paid to follow it very rarely works. Which means it’s on you to design your own plan, that will work for you, designed by you. This is what you can create in our workshop.

Have the reassurance that we can be at your side guiding you to have things set up correctly.

This goes with exercise and mindset tools too. Leave with a plan that you have created with our help, guidance and support.

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