Toning up, changing shape, getting shredded, there are many ways to dress up losing body fat. Ultimately, we all want to be in great shape and feel good about ourselves.


At a deeper level, it comes down to feeling good physically, feeling good mentally, and being the best versions of ourselves. What does that mean for you? Think about how you feel right now, how you feel physically, how you look physically, by changing that, how do you imagine yourself appearing with the change a transformation can make, with toning up, what will that change for you?

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When it comes to toning up there are a variety of exercises you can perform to make that happen. Learning how to move, especially effectively, is the most important aspect of the toning up process. This means that your body will move well moving forwards for the rest of your life, by ingraining the correct habits now.


When it comes to movement, there are fundamental movements you should be familiar with, which allow you to activate all the correct muscles in your body, so that you engage your muscles correctly which then leads to you being able to achieve a toned body.

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I have developed The Create Freedom Method Transformation to deliver to you everything you need to make this a reality, every workout, every food recommendation, every mindset strategy to allow you to achieve your best is within this system.


Delivered to you in a systematic way, as simple as taking one step forwards and then the next.


I work out exactly what you want to achieve over a set period of time for example 12 weeks, and from that I know, at week one what you should be achieving, week two, what you should be achieving, month three, what you should be achieving, so that I know that you are on track with your goals, and if something isn’t correct

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