First of all what does confidence mean to you? Is it having a slender physique? Maybe not, maybe that isn’t important to you whatsoever maybe for you it is about being fit and healthy. Everybody’s different. You will have different wants and needs. What gives you confidence may not give your best friend the same level of confidence.

This is why it is important to ask better questions. To understand you. To understand why you do the things you do. Why do you want to achieve the results you’re aiming for? What will it give you? By delving deeper, we get to understand the real wants and desires and therefore can work out a plan that delivers that for you, that’s both fun, enjoyable, and likely to be long-lasting.

Because if it is not. You will get to a point where you think what is the point of this and stop. Meaning you end up back at square one. The ultimate aim is to keep the journey going where you continue to progress and achieve more, always improving and in that becoming your best self.

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