Our mobility workshop is a half-day experience lasting three hours, we take you through our up-to-date research-driven mobility routines, helping you discover and explore the whole body and how to get the best from it.

From learning how to stabilise and mobilise your hips and shoulders, strengthening your fingers, wrists and feet… all leading to improved performance. When I talk about strengthening the wrists, fingers and feet we also include mobility as a part of this.

Having a more mobile body allows you to achieve greater things, you can access greater strength and better performance.

A more mobile you is generally a better you, you are less likely to suffer from injuries and be more resilient in everyday life. It doesn’t mean you will be superhuman. However, you will feel fantastic and you can be pretty good at many activities. The reason being, our mobility work is backed up by strength around your joints which means you do perform better. Your brain has a better capacity to allow you to build strength. This gives you confidence in your movement.

Our mobility workshop also includes learning how to perform animal movements and allows you to have a fun experience where you want to hold specific stretches and mobilisations, utilise our animal flow movements to bring about a fun dynamic to your mobility routines. To learn more and book in your mobility workshop go here.

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