Many people struggle with food. Everyone loves food. Well maybe not everyone, but many people love their food. Often overeating. Whether that’s eating too big a portion. Or overeating your favourite snacks whether that be chocolate, a bag of sweets, cookies, whatever your favourite treat is that can be a problem. Other people eat out of boredom, they eat for a particular feeling. They often want to change their state. You might need to buy chocolate ultimately because it makes you feel good and you get that dopamine hit. So how can you be happy with food?

You can be happy with food by understanding what food does for you, and why you currently have certain food behaviours that give you a particular result. If that result is working for you right now great. You might not need to change it.

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Healthy eating can be amazing. You just learn how to make it that way, I can teach you that. Now, some people feel they need a meal plan. And by all means I can give you a meal plan, the reality is meal plans do not work unless you have designed it yourself. Instead, I teach you all the strategies you need to utilise, to have this work for yourself.
Yes, you can follow a plan, I have a plan as a guideline to then allow you to create your own. You can follow my own recipes from my recipe book, you can adapt them to suit your own tastes and desires. This is what will allow you to adapt and improve long-term when it comes to food.
Do you fancy a cake? Fancy a biscuit? if the answer is yes then you can have it. It doesn’t mean eating those kinds of foods will cause you harm or ruin the results you are trying to create. It’s just understanding how it does affect you and how you might need to change what you eat on the same day or the next day or that week. You just have to take it day by day. I can help you with that. So to improve your nutrition and the results you get I encourage you to get in touch.

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