What is brilliant now as more people are becoming familiar with the importance of mobility. What isn’t known is how to make your mobility training effective and specific to your needs. Whilst mobility is important if your joints feel stiff and you feel like you need to move better, you also have to appreciate why your joints are stiff in the first place.


Yes, often it can be down to lack of movement of course. The other reason is that often our joints can be very unstable. So, the muscles around the joint stiffen up to give you support. You have multiple problems that you have to overcome.


Now the modern way, that we have seen over the years, especially with the availability of YouTube videos and certain websites guiding you through mobility routines we can see people using an assortment of balls, tubes, and bands all with the aim of getting you loose.


Yes, it has certainly helped a lot of people. Unfortunately, you don’t always see the after-effects and the negativity around the problems they can cause when it’s done incorrectly.


In both our coaching businesses, Callisthenics Strong and Sam Stocks Transformation Coaching we encourage a specific kind of mobility training. Providing you have the capacity to do it we take you through our Mobilise Me sessions, as well as daily morning mobilisation routines where we use controlled articular rotations alongside other practices that not only give you better joint movement but greater flexibility in your muscles by giving you a better way to stretch and also a better way to strengthen your muscles.


It’s not just about holding a position anymore it is about how you hold yourself in that position, the muscles you activate, how you breathe and how you engage other muscles in the body at the same time.


To find out how this can help and the goals you want to achieve get in touch and let’s navigate the best way forward for you.

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