Looking at high achievers, and those that do well, there are often many similarities, we can call these success habits. These tend to be the daily actions that lead to the behaviours and habits we want and the processes we need to go through to achieve our goals.

This could be our morning routines, the things we put in place as part of our daily routine and our night-time routine. Having all of these work to our advantage allows us to function at our best. Often the thing we can never replace is our time… it makes sense to make the most of it. By gaining clarity and planning ahead the success habit of scheduling our most important things into our diaries can lead to achieving more in a short space of time. This is just one of many success habits our clients follow to achieve their best. Often collapsing time. Our clients experience a change in one month, that some people may only achieve in one year. All with allowing them to focus on the right things at the right time. This is another success habit.

Another one is making sure you know when to stop. For example, learning new skills, sometimes with limited time we may try to cram everything in one specific date say for example we set hours aside to learn new skills, unfortunately, the research says that you will forget 80% of this, taking in what you learn in the first 10 to 20 minutes and then also the last 10 to 20 minutes and forgetting everything in the middle.

Now there are strategies you can learn and understand so that you remember more of the middle part. But the main lesson to take from this is it makes more sense to learn a skill over 25 minutes and then take five minutes break to assimilate the information. Take a break and allow your brain to process this new information. The research shows that this is a far more effective way to learn a skill. Again just another example of one habit that leads to greater success and makes more use of your time.

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