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Our callisthenics fundamentals workshop is a three-hour or full-day experience, you choose, what suits you. The idea of the fundamentals course is to teach you the foundational exercises of callisthenics, that lead you to perform the more advanced exercises such as handstand, handstand press-ups, the human flag, pistol squats, Planche press-ups, rope climbs, front levers, muscle-ups, and back levers amongst a whole assortment of other amazing exercises.

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We show you wrist and finger strengthening exercises, whole-body mobility routines, and then the foundational activation exercises giving you a strong core, strong scapular stabilising muscles, and more. Alongside this, we teach you animal movements that bring a fun and more interesting aspect to your mobility training so that you naturally move better as part of your movement training.


The ultimate outcome by the end of the workshop is you will know exactly where your limitations are and how to improve upon these in a systematic way. Leaving with a training plan to move you towards the next phase, building on the skills you want to master. We can then set you up with specific plans of action whether that’s with us and our training programs or with your very own program you can follow along in your own time.

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