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A BIG MISTAKE “I know what to do!”

A BIG MISTAKE “I know what to do!”

^^^ that right there is the stupidest response anyone can throw at me when they enquire about getting help in their health and fitness.

Stupid! Maybe that’s unfair. Maybe it’s ill-informed. Yes, Ill-Informed.

They simply lack the knowledge to have an appropriate opinion.

Now before you think “what an ASS”

Let me explain.

Im an expert in exercise.

When someone tells me “Oh, do you know what, I’m going to try my local gym first and follow a programme”


“Its ok I know what I’m doing!”

You really don’t.

If you knew what to do, you wouldn’t be seeking help in the first place.

Exercise is only part of your challenge.

Nutiriton plays a huge part.

More importantly, MINDSET and daily habits play a huge part

Being held accountable is massively important

And within that having the right support.

The person in question with the IDEA they know what to do

Well. They do NOT.

It’s why OLYMPIANS have coaches

It’s why Professional Football players have coaches.

They are the best at what they do.

They still need guidance and coaching at a higher level.

Going to the local gym and getting a programme is the same as going to the supermarket, picking up a fitness magazine and following the workout on page 64 which promises Large Glutes in 7 days with this walnut crushing ASS workout.

They have the ASS bit right.

You need to know the Truth

The reality

The local instructor on average knows very little about training. VERY LITTLE.

There are exceptions, but generally they know they have better things to do, and don’t really care.

That’s why you have to PAY to play.

It makes you TURN up

It HELPS you listen.

The person in question “who knows best” Unfortunately they aren’t willing to learn.

To be fare this kind of person is a terrible fit for what I do.

You see

I teach you

I educate you

I help you at the deepest possible level to illicit change in your life.

Life changing RESULTS are common.


I actually give a shit.

And with that in mind

It really pisses me off to see people who have been struggling for years, finally deciding to reach out for help, and then doing sod all about it.

Because if they took action, within weeks, their life will begin to change for the better.

You can see that with what ive posted about for the last few days.

Women like you. Changing their lives.

So do not be a FOOL.

Get help

Get Support

Get Accountability

And get the REAL knowledge that will help your life.

The end.

All the best

Sam “better out than in” Stocks

PS. A slight rant there, but hey, those who move forwards get what they want, those who don’t don’t, take from that what you will.

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