Comfort and Cold…surviving or thriving? Getting the most from yourself.

Comfort and Cold…surviving or thriving?

The recent COLD spell can bring many things into perspective.

How are you in the cold? Do you like to get out and about and breathe in the fresh air…or are you whacking the heating way up high and staying indoors?

It’s common to seek comfort. Nothing wrong with it either!

We can use this to our advantage.

See, knowing you seek comfort you can choose the best source of comfort to help your state…

It comes down to wanting to FEEL GOOD.

^^^ that’s the reason we do most things. To FEEL GOOD.

Now keeping with the theme of COLD

Can you live your life THRIVING by being willing to go into the COLD? To do the things that challenge you a little…

Often you can AVOID the things that will help you FEEL GOOD in the long run by seeking COMFORT in the short term.

Can you see how this comes down to perspective again?

Choices and options.

Every day we can choose to go in so many directions, which ones will you follow that HELP you?

Sometimes I can look back at my day and think “why the hell did I do those things!” Some behaviours don’t align well with me and something feels OFF.

Seeing this I see what didn’t work well and can change that.
What does work well? I can build on it. Bringing awareness to my daily routines
So I can improve them.

It means for me, and you can replace “me” with YOU. Because it’s about YOU…

So here we go.

You get more energy

You get more time

You get to spend time with those you care about

You thrive at work

Most markers for a GOOD life improve.

Because you pay attention.

So whether it’s the COLD you avoid or other habits that could HELP you, what can you change today to make improvements to your daily life?

To your best


PS. Would you like to know the best DAILY habits to help you THRIVE, then reach out and let’s work together to achieve your GOALS?.

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