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Do you ever feel like you are lost in the haze of everyday life (SHOCKING)

Do you ever feel like you are lost in the haze of everyday life (SHOCKING)

 Most people are walking around in a daze, distracted and lost.

 Distracted by their phones

 Lost in their thoughts

 Dazed by their lack of energy

 MOST PEOPLE are unaware that this is not normal.

 And put it down to age, time of the month, or simply…just one of those things.

 Between 19-65 you should have the same vibrancy in life… So if you are on the older side of that scale, age is not an excuse, simply a consideration…

 You may need more of a certain type of food, to enhance certain mechanisms in the body, but you can still move and perform as good as “the rest of ‘em”

 Often, the case is that many become use to feeling fatigued, wired and severely tired, that becomes their new normal, to perform at a basic level usually jug loads of coffee and other stimulants are needed.

 Feeling a little sorry for yourself and maybe even a bit pis$ed off at the world, you sedate…

 That could be with wine, gin or what ever your favourite “weekend” beverage is. And whether that sticks to the weekend is a whole other story.

 It could be with comfort foods, like ice cream, cookies, crisps or biscuits.

 You use these things to transform or CHANGE your emotions.

 You do these things to feel BETTER.

 And yes they may make you feel better in the moment.

 But long term… they are killing you.

 So whats the solution? “smart arse”? ok ok, I hear you.

 Well, the fact is, something isn’t working in your body.

 The root of the problem is there. In your body, and possibly the mind…well, especially the mind.

 Fix that

 And GOOD things happen.

 Your thoughts are caused by what goes on in your gut for instance.

 Those biscuits and other sugary foods have a big impact on your GUT.

 And that impacts your thoughts and feelings.

 They increase stress.

 They increase your need for comfort

 And the cycle continues.

 Its ok to ask for help.

 The right answers can put you in a new direction.

 If its time for you to take that step and start the journey to a new you… feel free to reach out.

 Its on you to change.

 I will give you the right steps.

 Its up to you to follow them.

 I will give you the scientifically proven methods.

 You can choose to follow them

 You get the idea.

 All the best


PS. Have a question? Well, you know what to do.

Sam Stocks