Group Training in Newcastle

​Our small group personal training in Newcastle is UNIQUE, as we focus as much outside of the gym on your health and fitness as we do in the gym. This whole rounded long term approach to your health and fitness is key. We only accept clients who are committed to a 6 month or longer transformation. Research proves time and again that 4-8 week transformations fail. Whereas, 6 months allows a great coach to help you build the lifestyle skills and habits to allow your transformation to last. This forges a strong mental strength to continue achieving more from yourself across all areas of life. Once you experience what this is like, you will want a piece of it. With that in mind, you can come along for a 1-week trial experience or book a 1-2-1 transformation session where we will delve into exactly what you want and need.

​Small Group Personal Training Newcastle

Other options are considered by discussing your wants and needs. It's important to note. Where you are now, in terms of mindset, needs to change and grow, to adopt the NEW you. With that in mind, the new you will have learnt skills and strategies to succeed beyond what you are currently aware of, that’s the whole point of the process.

The YOU right now that you see in the mirror will be completely different in the months to come. The possibilities are endless, the choice is yours, take it one step at a time, trust the process, ask for help and support when you need it, join fitness groups in Newcastle and great things will happen. Especially when it’s with Sam Stocks Transformational Coaching.

Fitness Groups Newcastle

NOW. Consider the doubts that arise when you read the above...things like "I don't know if I can commit", or "I won't be fit enough", “Should I join fitness groups in Newcastle?", “I won't be able to do this", " I can't do it for 6 months, I was thinking shorter-term"... All normal.

Consider this, if you are already doubting yourself despite knowing how it all works, open your mind. What if it all works... what would life be like, what would you no longer worry about, how strong can you be in body and mind? How much more energy can you have? How much confidence could you have and how HAPPY would you be?