For many women when they want to tone up, you may have ideas of a female cover model on the front of a magazine, slender toned and athletic. But, toning up can be different for many women. You have to consider more things. The reality is to tone up, it means you want to drop fat and build muscle because that is what toning up is.

So how do you go about this?

You go through this with exercise and nutrition targeted to your results, the time you have available, your lifestyle, and your current exercise ability. Knowing this, a quality coach can set a plan that works specifically for you, and if you run into any challenges or obstacles you have the capacity to quickly overcome them with support and accountability at your fingertips.

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For most people it is better to begin eating more food that is healthy and see how your body transforms,  then after a few weeks, you can drop this i.e. an amount of say 10% and then see how your body adapt to this. This sequence of changes allows you to take a longer-term approach and figure out properly what works for you.

Most people make the mistake of exercising too much and eating very little which leads to poor results long term. It’s too extreme for most people. And can lead to binge eating and other disordered eating conditions. In other words, something you definitely do not want to move towards. Instead, a healthier lifestyle approach and long-term outlook including exercise and healthy daily habits are far more appropriate.

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