Stop Procrastinating on the VERY thing that will help you…And This ONE important aspect to move forward. - Sam Stocks Transformation Coaching Newcastle

Stop Procrastinating on the VERY thing that will help you…And This ONE important aspect to move forward.

Stop Procrastinating on the VERY thing that will help you…And This ONE important aspect to move forwards…

You have the best of intentions for yourself

Then life happens

Things go tits up

Sideways and many other directions

Usually away from what you actually want

Then one day

Something pops up in your social media feed

You think

“This is a Sign”

A transformation

Something to better myself

Something to give me a kick up the Ass

Something to help me succeed with my well-intentioned thoughts

Something to help me feel confident

Something to help me fit into the clothes that show off ME!

Something to take me away from the s#it show I’ve been living.

Or simply

Something to move me in a new direction, simply to take it to another level.

Whatever it means to you and whatever benefits you are searching for…

It takes action.

To say “hey, yeah this speaks to me, I need help, I want help and I must change

You take all the right STEPS,

And then BOOM

Decision time

You decide to go for it

Then doubt sets in

“Can I do it?”

“Will it work”

And probably a whole host of other thoughts pulling you back down, to comfort, to settle, to never change…

You know the best way to overcome that mindset?

Is ask for help

Ask a question.

Say “This is my current way of thinking, I don’t know what’s best, what do you suggest?

You see, many doubt themselves.

It seems like there’s a mountain to climb

Its called “informed Pessimism”

Which started out all hunky-dory

Until you had “more information to consider

The monkey mind goes to town on “what ifs

What you need to be mindful of is all the tools, accountability, support that is part of the process

To guide you through

To help you succeed

To allow you to overcome your own unique struggles/challenges

That’s what coaching is about

To help guide you to your best self, to learn the skills and mindset to achieve what YOU want.

So what question do you need to ask today to move forwards?

All the best

Sam ‘an answer away’ Stocks

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