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They could not break 10 stone 2lbs, no matter what they tried. But then…

They could not break 10 stone 2lbs, no matter what they tried. But then…

They were committed

Like many women who want to lose weight, Donna had tried hard to lose that last bit of weight.

That last stone.

She attended classes… Kettlercise, clubercise, circuits… you name it…

You would find Donna there pushing hard.

Her nutrition could have been better.

When we first reviewed it in her Transformation Session we identified a few areas to adapt.

And I saw a whole host of possibilities with the right guidance.

It’s safe to say.

It’s working.

After 3 weeks, Donna had lost 3.17% Body Fat.

Most people can’t relate to that, it’s not a measurement you are familiar with…

So let me paint a picture.

0-0.5% body fat loss per month is considered ok progress.

0.5-1% per month is good to very good progress.


1+% is considered excellent.

Donna achieved 3 x the progress of what’s considered excellent.


The right nutrition

The right amount of calories (Not LOW…which is very important, you lose muscle which you don’t want to do)

The right support and accountability

It’s not always perfect.

Your mind can play tricks on you. (Which is why a GREAT coach can make a significant difference on your success)

You see.

Donna had built muscle too.

Something she wasn’t use to with traditional classes like Bodypump.

So a few days before we performed progress measurements she was feeling disheartened.

The scales hadn’t dropped as much as she wanted.

What’s crazy here, but very common, is when you look at the FACTS… she’d made tremendous progress…even before she knew her bodyfat measurements.

Clothes were fitting better

She had lost weight from her tummy

Bloating had gone (A benefit from eating quality food)

Her strength had increased.

She had lost 4lbs at this point based on the scales (Remember, she hadn’t been losing anything!)

She was moving better and was more aware of her body

She was learning to ask for help when it was needed.

And had actually lost 4 lbs at this point. (Sorry, I had to emphasise that)

Now she’s down to 9 Stone 6lbs

4lbs away from her ideal weight.

We know that in less than 4 weeks she will be there.


Donna is doing the work

She is following the plan

She is turning up to sessions

She’s pushing hard and continuing to dial in technique and understand how to use her body specific to what each exercise requires.

Tailoring movements, nutrition and everything else in life to transform it, is what allows me to achieve EXCELLENT results with clients.

You see.

Donna isn’t unique. Every client who turns up, asks for help and is committed to the process has achieved similar RESULTS.

3% fat loss is COMMON here… within 3-6 weeks of starting.

And you know what.

It gets better and better as you progress.

Life happens.

Some things pop up.

It’s how you manage these and search for the right tool and tactic to fulfil the job to get what you want.

My support and advice is always there.

I have tools all clients have access to, to overcome many obstacles.

This is how you can REACH your own SUCCESS.

You simply have to make a decision.

An easy one is to decide to get on the phone with me and have a conversation.

We can look at what’s best for you and schedule in a transformation session.

All the best

Sam ‘3% club” Stocks

PS. Well Done DONNA… keep it up!

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