For her, this was the tipping point, TINA had been working hard for several years on her health and fitness, trying to get fitter, stronger and healthier… ultimately, she wanted to lose weight. But focused on the other areas to help her mental health.


As a side effect. The weight came off.


It was not EASY. In fact, for TINA, she appeared to be doing all the right things. Training in our small group training twice a week. Exercising at home outside of this, whether it was jumping on a bike for a 20 min cardio session, or following a bodyweight HIIT session.


Tina put the effort in. She ATE reasonably healthy. For some reason. The weight STUCK.


And this was a PROBLEM. This is not a BAD thing.


If you find yourself in a similar situation where your EXPECTATIONS are not been met by your current efforts, there is a SOLUTION. You have to LOOK and be willing to keep at it.


Don’t just jump to the next shiny object. The NEW class, the workout, the new DIET.


That is not the SOLUTION. It will be something in your DAILY routine.


You see. For TINA. She had been holding on to something.


And in a PRIVATE 1-2-1 session, we uncovered something unique. This was triggered by a TOOL from The Create Freedom Method Transformation where we can challenge your thoughts, stories, and HABITS.


She had been holding on to GRIEF.


Emotions play such a powerful role in our lives many have NO idea of their impact on how your body functions… they can stop muscles from working effectively, they can change your hormonal production, and they can STALL WEIGHT LOSS.


Once this emotion was processed correctly. The BODY FINALLY LET GO…


Then everything TINA had been working on fell into place.


Weight Loss looked effortless now.




In fact, she couldn’t believe it, every Sunday whilst giving me FEEDBACK for the week she was SHOCKED at the constant drop on the SCALE.


This wasn’t simply the help received for EMOTIONAL health. Tina had laid the foundation for this with all the other work done before this.


You still have to lay the foundation… the habits and daily rituals to succeed.


Not many people allow themselves to see the BIGGER PICTURE because they and most of society are trapped in SHORT-TERM thinking and SHORT-TERM solutions…


If you want LONG-TERM success. You need a long-term effective approach and that is exactly what The Create Freedom Method Transformation Delivers.


You will be amazed at what can be revealed for you. Ready to DIG in? Simply respond to me now and let’s have a conversation… A 15-minute call to find out more about you and what you specifically need help with. The questions I ask will help you come up with the right answers. So, you have an opportunity to learn a TON. So when you get in touch, we will start with setting up that call.

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