LOST. That’s what many women feel when it comes to knowing how to transform, feel good and enjoy the process. Many ladies that work with me and see lasting change, have failed many times before. So to help you, let me share a STORY of TRANSFORMATION to inspire some positive action on your part. Not all Transformations are created equal. Let me share the story of Bobby.

Bobby, like many women who are striving for more, had lost weight before and regained it. Whether that was with Slimming World, Weight Watchers, or Bootcamps. Weight Loss was celebrated, and struggle and bad habits were frowned upon.

When Bobby hit her late 40s it was time for some proper change. A quick google search caused her to look at me and my transformation programme. She called me immediately eager to know more and to find out if it was right for her.

Bobby was put at ease straight away. I asked her about HER, what she had tried in the past, what worked and what didn’t her current struggles, and what she would love to achieve.

I said we could tackle those no problem. She met me the next day for a 1-2-1 session. After a thorough assessment and establishing Bobby’s ideal starting point, we set a plan in motion.

Now to cut a long story short. We fixed her digestive health through quality nutrition, which established a solid foundation of health, we built strength and fitness through a variety of exercise methods, as well as adopting at-home recovery and rejuvenation methods to enhance the experience. After just a few months Bobby had already lost a few stones. And was well on her way to achieving a life-changing transformation.

She trained TWICE a week initially LIVE with me, Once on her own, and followed a daily mobility routine to keep herself at her best.

The training advice and guidance allowed Bobby to feel safe and confident with her exercise.

The nutrition guidance, exposure to the right information around food as well as guidance on how to lose weight safely was paramount to her success.

Help was always there, guidance to gain clarity to any situation causing a little stumble.

The other HUGE change as that of Bobby’s mindset. Her confidence had skyrocketed, she had a newfound vibrancy and her friends really started to take notice.

You can see how much Bobby Changed in the pictures below.

This is Bobby’s story. She DID THE WORK. Therefore achieved an Amazing RESULT.

It all started with having the courage to reach out.

THE PROCESS is important. And The Create Freedom Method Transformation guarantees you a life-changing RESULT when you follow the process.

I encourage you to reach out like Bobby did and come along for a 1-2-1 experience to find out how the process can best meet your needs.

The RESULT is what you desire. Working out the best way to get there is unique to you. I would have you consider REMOVING and pre-conceived ideas of how you will do it. Opening your mind up to NEW possibilities.

The Create Freedom Method Transformation offers you a new Opportunity.

All you are doing today is booking in a session to find out what the PROCESS will look like for you, and what kind of result you can expect. With no obligation to sign up. Just an honest approach to achieving RESULTS that last for the long term.

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