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Wasted Time…Road Works Ahead

Road works seem to be a daily occurrence around the North East


Everywhere you go.


That journey that use to take 15 minutes


Now takes 30.


The daily trip to work down the good old A19 is a real challenge,


The new triple layer roundabout better be worth it.


Morning travel can be anywhere from 30-90 min to get to work.


It's a nightmare.


Well. Not really.


It's slightly annoying.


It can feel like wasted time.


But only if you allow it.


There's lots you can do.


Like learning something new from an audiobook


Or listen to a podcast


Maybe even learn a new language...


You could even gain time this way.


And it makes me think of health and fitness.


Take for example...


The goal above is to get to work, but now with a delay to get to work, there's frustration, but under that, there's a solution. Using the time differently.


When it comes to health and fitness,


We may have a certain body weight to achieve,


We go through all the right motions, the right habits etc etc but things are not moving as quickly as you would like...


The destination is in sight, but it seems to be taking so long.


We forget to focus on what we are doing to get there...


We are learning how to move better


Improving energy


Improving our posture


Improving coordination and our ability to think (using our brains and improving its function)


Gaining strength


Slowing the ageing process...


Alongside of so many other benefits.


With health and fitness, it's not about the destination.


It's about the journey.


Focus on the right things and you enjoy every bit of it.


Focus on any issues...well:


It becomes a daily frustration.


Would you like to get on the right track?


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All the best


Sam 'I can' Stocks


PS. Can you focus on the good?





Sam Stocks