Why is this GOOD for you? The POWER of EXPANSION

Let’s EXPAND. On yesterday. Those who strive for this tend to get more of what they want and less of what they don’t!

And the opposite is true. Which may be where you find yourself? Or maybe not.

So what is it compadre?

I shall enlighten you…

Those who SEEK discomfort, get more of what they want.

In fact. Those who actively seek out CHALLENGE, to do the things that SCARE them a little and push them beyond their comfort zone find they HANDLE life well.

They tend to live authentically

Not afraid to be themselves

Not afraid of what other people think (or at least it doesn’t bother them

Do you worry about what people think? Cause it rarely matters. It’s what you think. And in turn how that makes you feel. (By the way. This is the HARDEST thing to do, it takes lots of repetition, to turn the irritation, anger or rage in a different direction to help you)

If you don’t like it. Change it. Change the story.

So how can you seek DISCOMFORT?

It could be learning how to workout effectively, intentionally and with SKILL.

Bringing awareness to what CHANGES you.

The majority stay stuck…

The same old habits

The same routines

That keep them stuck.

The same habits and routines are important…only if they work for you.

So if you want to change.

They don’t. The MAJORITY don’t really want to change. They want comfort. They like the IDEA of change, and HATE the reality of what is needed to CHANGE.

So you have to have the discipline and focus to do something about it.

And if you have support, community, and accountability to drive you through this…


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To your best


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