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You’ve Got To Hate The Consequences

You’ve got to hate the consequences

In order to make progress

Whether it be in health

Whether it be in exercise

Or nutrition

You have to hate the consequences of going against the process

Let me break it down for you specific to exercise

The consequences of not exercising are:

Low energy, which can lead to debilitating low energy and a feeling of, not really wanting to do anything…

Weight gain, so you have to wear larger clothes…

Accelerated ageing so you look and feel worse

Poor mobility that causes you to struggle with everyday movements

All the above effect your sleep and

the cycle of “suck” goes on.

The same holds true with nutrition...when you eat poorly...processed foods, takeaways, when you eat to excess...

You feel terrible

Your skin will be worse

Your digestion won’t be great

You suffer

And maybe for you it’s that bad and has been for that long...

You don’t even remember what great feels like.

You’ve settled for what is.

Yeah. You must hate the consequences with a passion.

This gives you motivation to follow through with what you want.

If you eat crap because you want to feel better.

It kind of defeats the objective long term.

In the short term... you may enjoy it.

The guilt

The shame

The feeling dirty

Feeling tired...

Is that “treat” really worth it?

Sometimes it is.

Most of the time, it’s not.

And when you build patterns and behaviours that work with your life.

It sets you up for some amazing things.

Let’s put it this way.

You have an opportunity in front of you to start something today.

That a year from now, the new YOU will be totally unrecognisable.


You can do the same old things and have the same old results

It’s your choice.

Book in a complimentary transformation session to find out what’s possible…

All you need to do is send me a message.

All the best


PS. The next move is on you. What will it be? The best way forwards OR the same old, same old.






Sam Stocks