Super Strong. And it’s pretty special.


Many people underestimate the feeling of being STRONG gives you. And it’s pretty special.



Especially when that plays out in your personal life, with kids and grandkids…you create Special Moments. That put a SMILE on your face. And you cannot beat that, right?



Strength gives you options.



In a fitness and training sense, this would mean you can explore a greater variety of exercises and have FUN with them.



Confidence comes from your body working well. So, you feel GOOD.



As you get older. Your Muscle Mass and Bone Density decline, which puts you at risk of lowering your metabolism and increasing your chances of injury if you fall down.



So, adding strength means you’ll maintain or even increase your muscle mass, as well as keep your bones strong.



This means when you’re playing with family members and having fun you can enjoy it knowing you’re not going to struggle to get off the floor or hurt yourself.



The discipline you need to develop this strength requires you to stick to a routine and commit to a process. When you do this and see the positive results that come from your discipline in taking the right action…



That can be transferred to anything you do.



You now have deeper confidence to go after other goals in other areas of life.



STRENGTH has many benefits. And I’m talking about the physical and mental side here.



Are you ready to develop yours in a unique way? Then get in touch and let’s create a plan of action for you to achieve your goals.



To your best




Scared to look deep and your Awareness


Scared to look and AWARENESS

A great insight many come to see when EXERCISE and FOOD habits go a bit “Meh” and you feel like things are falling away from you. The PROBLEM many come up against is, they can often be SCARED to delve into the essentials. And navigating this properly is KEY.

Why do you MESS UP?

It can be a difficult question to answer. Why do you fail to make it to a training session, exercise class, or even out for a walk, when you are trying to change your health and fitness? Is it laziness, is it fatigue, stress, overwhelm, or some other kind of barrier?

For most, it’s a lack of CLARITY on the whole process, what’s needed before, during, and after a certain task you need to do. ONCE you bring AWARENESS to these things, life and DOING become far easier.

Here’s the thing. What’s been HOLDING you back recently? And with the lens of, what is in the way of your progress. What is MESSING you up> What is getting in your way?

Once you figure this out (and you can get help with that) you can then USE all the right tools for EXERCISE, eating well, modifying your behaviour, all of these things can be used from a PLACE of STRENGTH…

The reality for MOST is they start to CREATE change from a PLACE of WEAKNESS, fail to set a strong foundation, try things that are too HARD, and end up giving up.

Let’s not have that be the outcome for you.

Let’s have some solutions and PLANS in place for you, so you can’t lose this game anymore. All you will see over the long term is PROGRESS.


Then reach out and follow a PROCESS that’s different from the MASSES. Something UNIQUE. Something ideally set in motion for you to succeed. Sounds good right? Then get in touch and let’s get you moving forward.

To your best



For her, this was the tipping point, TINA had been working hard for several years on her health and fitness, trying to get fitter, stronger and healthier… ultimately, she wanted to lose weight. But focused on the other areas to help her mental health.


As a side effect. The weight came off.


It was not EASY. In fact, for TINA, she appeared to be doing all the right things. Training in our small group training twice a week. Exercising at home outside of this, whether it was jumping on a bike for a 20 min cardio session, or following a bodyweight HIIT session.


Tina put the effort in. She ATE reasonably healthy. For some reason. The weight STUCK.


And this was a PROBLEM. This is not a BAD thing.


If you find yourself in a similar situation where your EXPECTATIONS are not been met by your current efforts, there is a SOLUTION. You have to LOOK and be willing to keep at it.


Don’t just jump to the next shiny object. The NEW class, the workout, the new DIET.


That is not the SOLUTION. It will be something in your DAILY routine.


You see. For TINA. She had been holding on to something.


And in a PRIVATE 1-2-1 session, we uncovered something unique. This was triggered by a TOOL from The Create Freedom Method Transformation where we can challenge your thoughts, stories, and HABITS.


She had been holding on to GRIEF.


Emotions play such a powerful role in our lives many have NO idea of their impact on how your body functions… they can stop muscles from working effectively, they can change your hormonal production, and they can STALL WEIGHT LOSS.


Once this emotion was processed correctly. The BODY FINALLY LET GO…


Then everything TINA had been working on fell into place.


Weight Loss looked effortless now.




In fact, she couldn’t believe it, every Sunday whilst giving me FEEDBACK for the week she was SHOCKED at the constant drop on the SCALE.


This wasn’t simply the help received for EMOTIONAL health. Tina had laid the foundation for this with all the other work done before this.


You still have to lay the foundation… the habits and daily rituals to succeed.


Not many people allow themselves to see the BIGGER PICTURE because they and most of society are trapped in SHORT-TERM thinking and SHORT-TERM solutions…


If you want LONG-TERM success. You need a long-term effective approach and that is exactly what The Create Freedom Method Transformation Delivers.


You will be amazed at what can be revealed for you. Ready to DIG in? Simply respond to me now and let’s have a conversation… A 15-minute call to find out more about you and what you specifically need help with. The questions I ask will help you come up with the right answers. So, you have an opportunity to learn a TON. So when you get in touch, we will start with setting up that call.

Why is this GOOD for you? The POWER of EXPANSION

Let’s EXPAND. On yesterday. Those who strive for this tend to get more of what they want and less of what they don’t!

And the opposite is true. Which may be where you find yourself? Or maybe not.

So what is it compadre?

I shall enlighten you…

Those who SEEK discomfort, get more of what they want.

In fact. Those who actively seek out CHALLENGE, to do the things that SCARE them a little and push them beyond their comfort zone find they HANDLE life well.

They tend to live authentically

Not afraid to be themselves

Not afraid of what other people think (or at least it doesn’t bother them

Do you worry about what people think? Cause it rarely matters. It’s what you think. And in turn how that makes you feel. (By the way. This is the HARDEST thing to do, it takes lots of repetition, to turn the irritation, anger or rage in a different direction to help you)

If you don’t like it. Change it. Change the story.

So how can you seek DISCOMFORT?

It could be learning how to workout effectively, intentionally and with SKILL.

Bringing awareness to what CHANGES you.

The majority stay stuck…

The same old habits

The same routines

That keep them stuck.

The same habits and routines are important…only if they work for you.

So if you want to change.

They don’t. The MAJORITY don’t really want to change. They want comfort. They like the IDEA of change, and HATE the reality of what is needed to CHANGE.

So you have to have the discipline and focus to do something about it.

And if you have support, community, and accountability to drive you through this…


And you can reach out now to be a part of that very thing. Simply contact us by email, our contact form or message us.

As part of The Create Freedom Transformation Method at Sam Stocks Transformation Coaching in Newcastle, I can help you achieve your very best when it comes to adapting your behaviours, habits and routines to achieve the RESULTS you want to live your ideal LIFE.

To your best


Comfort and Cold…surviving or thriving? Getting the most from yourself.

Comfort and Cold…surviving or thriving?

The recent COLD spell can bring many things into perspective.

How are you in the cold? Do you like to get out and about and breathe in the fresh air…or are you whacking the heating way up high and staying indoors?

It’s common to seek comfort. Nothing wrong with it either!

We can use this to our advantage.

See, knowing you seek comfort you can choose the best source of comfort to help your state…

It comes down to wanting to FEEL GOOD.

^^^ that’s the reason we do most things. To FEEL GOOD.

Now keeping with the theme of COLD

Can you live your life THRIVING by being willing to go into the COLD? To do the things that challenge you a little…

Often you can AVOID the things that will help you FEEL GOOD in the long run by seeking COMFORT in the short term.

Can you see how this comes down to perspective again?

Choices and options.

Every day we can choose to go in so many directions, which ones will you follow that HELP you?

Sometimes I can look back at my day and think “why the hell did I do those things!” Some behaviours don’t align well with me and something feels OFF.

Seeing this I see what didn’t work well and can change that.
What does work well? I can build on it. Bringing awareness to my daily routines
So I can improve them.

It means for me, and you can replace “me” with YOU. Because it’s about YOU…

So here we go.

You get more energy

You get more time

You get to spend time with those you care about

You thrive at work

Most markers for a GOOD life improve.

Because you pay attention.

So whether it’s the COLD you avoid or other habits that could HELP you, what can you change today to make improvements to your daily life?

To your best


PS. Would you like to know the best DAILY habits to help you THRIVE, then reach out and let’s work together to achieve your GOALS?.

Transformational Coaching 101: What Is It And How It Can Help You?

When it comes to life coaching, fitness and nutrition books and programs, there are so many of them that you can find on the current market. It can simply be overwhelming when you have too many options in front of you, especially if you're trying to find a coaching style that suits your needs the most. So, what makes transformational coaching with Sam Stocks Coaching so different & unique?

Well, our transformational coaching can be defined by the coaching process that helps you learn that happiness comes from within your soul. The aim is to look at the bigger picture. When compared to other coaching styles, transformational coaching is all about helping you to realise what you are as a whole. You'll be able to understand the real meaning of your dreams and thereby work towards them so that those dreams can be fulfilled. We know it as Your Soul Purpose. We get there through a process looking at the whole you.

The Merits Of Transformational Coaching

Experiencing A Difference In Self-Perception

Even though life coaching, fitness and nutrition programs and books can be useful, they cannot be compared to someone who is trained to make yourself feel empowering and new. With the help of a transformational coach, you’ll be guided towards a totally new way of thinking. Moreover, you’ll also be able to feel yourself in a different manner - experiencing the power & magnitude inside of you.

Knowing Your Purpose Of Life

Transformational coaches tend to have a much deeper understanding of the purposes of life, much more than traditional life coaching, fitness and nutrition books & programs. Transformational coaches know that there's no meaning in chasing external goals unless you decide to shift your life perspective.

With the help of transformational coaching, you’ll be able to experience the fullness of life along with the significance of health & well-being. When you can connect all of the aforementioned aspects of your life together, then only you’ll be able to experience your life’s true potential & purpose.

Balanced Life

With the help of transformational coaching, you can find your wholeness and inner peace. What this means is that - you need to align your emotions, thoughts and dreams together, so that you'll be able to function as a whole. Your heart and mind shouldn't be in different places or directions. Energy should be spent towards a singular goal and not multiple goals.

When you’ll be able to experience such serenity and balance in your life, you’ll be able to taste success in the outside world.

Increase In Zest & Vitality

Using transformational coaching, you’ll have the chance to satisfy yourself with the thinking that you’re doing good in your life. As a result, you’ll find your lost motivations, playfulness and inspirations in the work that you’ll do.

So, if you want to experience life the way it’s meant to be, it’s time that you opt for transformational coaching sessions. Reach out to us today and let’s help you transform.

The Effective Way To Deal With Stress & Anxiety

Anxiety is a part of our human lives. Every man or woman has faced stress & anxiety at some point in their lives. However, the successful ones are those who keep their stress & anxiety under control. There are many tools we suggest to our clients to keep them at their best, so that when things do happen, they can bring themselves back to calm and clarity.

If you’re facing the problem of stress & anxiety, then you need to find out crucial strategies in combating them, so that you can keep the onset of anxiety under check. Solutions can be many such as medications or talk therapy, but the aim should be to get to the root of your problem and resolve the trigger. Thus, to assist you in dealing with stress & anxiety, we have created this guide for anxiety help that will provide you with suggestions to find a solution that works for you.

The Strategies To Cope With Anxiety & Stress

When you’re feeling the onset of stress & anxiety, we suggest carrying out the following set of practices:

  • Take time out from the current work that you’re doing. Indulge in some other activity such as listening to music, playing games, going for a walk and so on. You can even take some hours of peaceful sleep.
  • Try not to skip any of your meals. Always keep yourself boosted with energy and stay healthy. Moreover, keep some much-needed snacks in your hand. To keep your energy high.
  • Limit your overall consumption of caffeine & alcohol. Drinking alcohol and caffeine-related drinks can increase your levels of stress & anxiety. And whilst caffeine can give you a boost in energy, it is borrowed energy that you will have to pay back later. Meaning you’ll feel worse later in the day.
  • Try getting enough sleep on a daily basis. Sleep is very useful to keep your mind relaxed and sharp. Yet many neglect it to do more things.7-8 hours works well for most each night.
  • Aim to exercise daily, so that you can feel confident and you’ll have the chance to improve your health in the proper manner.
  • Perform meditation for at least ten to fifteen minutes daily. Meditation calms your mind and gives you the thinking capacity you need. Creating space in your mind.
  • Always try your best to reach your desired goal. If you can’t, don’t feel demotivated. Stay proud of your achievement and start working again for the next time. Don’t try to strive for perfection. Aim for consistency and learn lessons from any failures. They are part of the journey to success.
  • Try to accept that it’s beyond your control to master everything in this world.
  • A little amount of humour can go a long way to make you feel happy & relaxed.
  • Always maintain a positive outlook on the work that you do along with your lifestyle.
  • Try to be active in your community and continue to help others who are in need. There can be other people who are facing the same problems as you, which is why it's prudent to help them out.
  • Always talk to someone if you’re feeling too lonely or anxious. You can either talk to your family members for help or talk to a professional therapist.

We hope that using our above-mentioned list of recovery recommendations, you’ll be able to control your outbreak of stress & anxiety.